Today's Tennessean brings good and bad news for Keith Urban fans. First, since it's Monday, the bad: The country star has no deadline for his next album and can't say for certain when fans might expect it in stores. On the bright side, he's "working feverishly" on the record, listening to submissions from songwriters and penning some of his most personal songs to date.

"My intention for the record is to start exploring the stories in my own life," Keith told the newspaper. "There's plenty of them, and I've been through a lot of things and there's a lot more of that exploration that's happening already. I think it is taking shape a little bit. It feels like it's the first one."

"I'm really excited about it in a sense that this creative pull and voice and calling is the strongest I've ever felt it," he added. "I'm just going where it's going."

In the meantime, Keith's last album, 2010's Get Closer, is still yielding fruit. The disc's fourth single, "You Gonna Fly," recently topped the Billboard country charts.

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