In addition to the regular version of his eight-song album, 'Get Closer,' Keith Urban will also release a deluxe version of the album to be sold exclusively by Target and

"It's funny, because on one hand, I'm not sure what an album is anymore, like which body of songs constitute the album as such," Keith tells The Boot. "We recorded 11 songs, eight of which will be on a lot of the albums going out, three additional studio songs that will be on Target's version of the album, and four live songs, as well, from the tour that we've done. There's a lot of bonus material there for people shopping at Target."

One of the original bonus tracks includes the Lori McKenna-penned 'The Luxury of Knowing,' while the live tracks, taken from Keith's 2007 Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy World Tour, are 'Once in a Lifetime,' 'Better Life' and 'Everybody.'

"In some ways it's all just one record but one is a shorter version, while the Target version is the full album," Keith tells Billboard. "If people get the shorter version and love it, maybe they'll want to hear some more songs and head to Target."

The new collection, which is bursting at the seams with love songs, presents the idea of "getting closer" to the one you love, which hasn't always been easy for Keith. "My experience was the closer I got to something that I felt could destroy me, I just want to run," the singer-songwriter explains. "I certainly don't want to get closer to it. I want to go the opposite direction, you know? But the key that unlocks the door going forward is to get closer, that really is the way forward. So, consequently the album started to really address the power in getting closer in situations."

'Get Closer,' featuring the hit 'Put You in a Song,' arrives in stores November 16.

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