While Dierks Bentley crosses the country with Miranda Lambert on their Locked & Reloaded tour, he's also finding time to work on his next album. The new set of tunes, which he hopes will be ready by the fall, will be unlike anything he has released in the past.

"I've got a lot of new folks, younger blood," Dierks explains to Billboard magazine. "I'm trying to keep it fresh. This next record is a big one for me. I'm putting a lot of time into it, doing it right. I'm really excited about it. I want it to be my best one, something really special."

The country star, who has taken four albums to No. 1, is already playing "I Hold On," one of the tracks from the upcoming project, in his nightly concerts. The tune not only references Cassidy, his wife of more than seven years, but also his beloved pickup truck that boasts more than 200,000 miles and counting.

"It's about holding on to things that mean something to me and really expressing the sentiment of, 'Trust me, I'm not going anywhere,'" the singer-songwriter explains. "It incorporates some bigger imagery and people seem to get it right away."

Dierks plans to release a new single in May. He and Miranda will perform in Louisiana tomorrow (April 11), followed by stops in Missouri and Oklahoma. See a list of his upcoming shows here.

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