Kassi Ashton does things her own way, and her latest music video for "Taxidermy" is no exception: The singer did it in one take, with no edits. Watch the video above to see the results.

The video opens with white text on a black screen explaining the unusual choice Ashton made regarding how she decided to present "Taxidermy" to fans. "We were going to edit this video. Switch between multiple cameras. Color correct. Add effects. But decided it should be honest," the text reads. "So here's a raw, unedited, one take, one camera, live version."

The stripped down video features Ashton and her bandmates -- one guitarist and one drummer on a stripped-down, two-piece drum set -- in front of a white backdrop. The raw, unprocessed feel of the video lets the song take center stage.

"You'll be my taxidermy, taxidermy / I'll keep you hanging on a bedroom wall / And if I ever move to Albuquerque / I'll strap you to my Chevy Impala," Ashton sings in the brutal chorus of "Taxidermy." "Don't gotta say a word, baby / I don't mind / I'll keep you dusted off / Keep you looking alive / You'll be my taxidermy, taxidermy / if you ever hurt me again."

"Taxidermy" is Ashton's follow-up to her debut single, "California, Missouri." Both songs are from Ashton's upcoming debut album, which will be released by UMG Nashville.

“I knew the second I heard "Taxidermy" I had to have it,” Ashton says in a press release of the track, written by Natalie Hemby, Luke Dick and Rosi Golan. “It’s the perfect second piece of me. Dad used to always say he didn’t have to take a gun to the door when my date came ... I had my own.”

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