Kassi Ashton has dropped a fiery new track, "Taxidermy," and true to form, the up-and-coming artist isn't pull any punches when dealing with an ex in the song. Readers can press play above to listen to the bluesy, driving tune.

Ashton's first verse opens up with a call-out to the one who has wronged her: "Love me / Leave me / I can make it nice and easy / When you come back beggin' / Asking for another freebie ..." She goes on to tell him in the chorus what his fate will be if he tries to cross her again.

"You'll be my taxidermy, taxidermy / I'll keep you hanging on a bedroom wall / And if I ever move to Albuquerque / I'll strap you to my Chevy Impala," goes the chorus of "Taxidermy." "Don't gotta say a word, baby / I don't mind / I'll keep you dusted off / Keep you looking alive / You'll be my taxidermy, taxidermy / if you ever hurt me again."

"Taxidermy" follows Ashton's debut single, "California, Missouri," which boasts the same fearless, take-no-prisoners attitude that Ashton gives in "Taxidermy." Both songs are the first glimpses of Ashton's upcoming solo debut album, which she's been teasing since she signing with UMG Nashville.

“I knew the second I heard "Taxidermy" I had to have it,” Ashton says in a press release of the track, written by Natalie Hemby, Luke Dick and Rosi Golan. “It’s the perfect second piece of me. Dad used to always say he didn’t have to take a gun to the door when my date came ... I had my own.”

Ashton also makes an appearance on Keith Urban's song "Drop Top," from his Graffiti U album.

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