Pageant Material hasn't yet hit her fans' speakers, but Kacey Musgraves is already thinking about her next album -- and it may end up being a step in a completely different direction.

The "Biscuits" singer is preparing to release her sophomore album on June 23, and as she wraps it up, she's considering taking on a totally unique project for her musically.

"The next one will be completely different," Musgraves tells Rolling Stone Country, "because I don't think this one is very far off from Different Trailer. I would really like to write to a concept next time. I'd really like to do a reggae record or a surf-rock record."

Some have wondered if Musgraves could be country's next Taylor Swift; and with her hopes to be more genre-bending in the future, it definitely sounds like she's following in the pop star's footsteps. It's clear, however, that Musgraves doesn't want that kind of fame.

"I like Taylor's new album, 1989. It's really fun to listen to when you're working out. I think it's great that she's doing what she wants on her own terms. But she's way more exposed than I'd ever want to be," Musgraves says. "That's not a slight to her. I like my life the way it is."

It's no secret that Musgraves is a little different than other country hitmakers. She's consistently referred to as county's "rebel," and she's received a pushback since the beginning of her career, when she released her debut single, "Merry Go Round" ("I was advised it's not something that a new artist should say," Musgraves reveals). After the success of her Grammy-winning Same Trailer Different Park, you'd think that some of the pressure to hold to a certain standard would be gone, but that doesn't seem to be the case: Her label originally asked her to change the line "P**sing in my yard ain't gonna make yours any greener" in "Biscuits" to "spitting in my yard ..." but the singer held her ground.

"I'm like, 'Sorry, no.' People are so worried about offending that they water down everything," she says. "Come to a show, and that's the line everyone loves. Don't take that away from me!"

Still, Musgraves doesn't view her songs as particularly progressive. She believes that the subject matter she covers is simply representative of the way society is moving, and even if country music may be a little behind the curve, she's not afraid to talk about what she believes.

"People always like to pull these handfuls of talking points that I have in my songs and call those out and really focus on those, but to me, these things aren't very progressive issues. I just, I chuckle a little inside when that happens," Musgraves says. "People say, 'She's so progressive,' or, 'She's a rebel,' or whatever and I think it's cool because it's just, it is the way the world is moving, the human race is moving. Look at the laws that are happening ... You know, all these things that people are pulling out of my songs won't be that crazy anymore [in the future], and the truth is that the songs are just about life."

Pageant Material is available for pre-order on iTunes and

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