John Rich is like the Energizer bunny of country music -- he just keeps going and going and going. The musician always has his hand in several different projects, whether it's backing political candidates, writing songs, performing, recording and producing his own albums or ones for other artists, such as the new JaneDear Girls. He chalks up much of his success to his unwavering focus.

"I have worked really hard at every aspect," John tells "I have a six-month old son, so I'm up all night. I don't waste a lot of time, don't watch TV, don't have vacations. My energy comes from making new music, from radio station people, writers to players to fans, all the humans who are involved in getting a song from a blank piece of paper to playing a show for 20,000 people. I have a responsibility to be professional, and to work with all those people. It's not an easy task, but that's what makes it worthwhile."

Still, John doesn't repress his wild side ... The video for his new song, 'Country Done Come to Town,' is certainly evidence of that, with its scenes featuring bikini-clad girls, a creamed corn wrestling competition ... and, of course, a cameo by Ted Nugent. (Watch it below.) John feels his fans expect those kind of shenanigans from him and wouldn't want it any other way. "If I diluted my sound I don't think the fans would like my music. Country music was built by people who kicked ass and had an attitude that they didn't give a sh--. I know the fans love what I do and they're gonna raise some country music hell with me!"

'Country Done Come to Town' is a track from John's 'Rich Rocks' EP, due later this year.