She's already a huge TV star, thanks to her role on Nickelodeon's hit series, 'iCarly,' and now Jennette McCurdy is also well on her way to being a country star. The 18-year old released her first country music project, an EP titled 'Not That Far Away,' this week and now she's ready to take the music world by storm.

"I really wanted to just be honest to myself, stay true to myself with every song and deliver a CD that I felt reflected who I am as a person and tell the stories of my life because I feel that that's what people will relate to the most," says Jennette. "Country music strikes a chord in peoples hearts that makes you think, 'Wow! I know exactly what they're talking about. I felt that before.' I wanted people to be able to feel the same thing and I felt that could only be accomplished if I really wrote what I knew."

With a huge fan base of teens and tweens, country may seem an unconventional choice for the young star, but Jennette says it was the only choice for her. "It's always been my favorite," she says. "I found that I could relate to it more than any other genre and I felt like it was so honest. It told stories like nothing else and it spilled everything right out on the table. There's hardly a country song that plays that doesn't make you smile and want to dance or want to make you have a tear trickling down your cheek, so for country music to evoke those kinds of emotions, I guess that's what drew me towards it."

The title track of the EP, which is also her debut single, was chosen by more than 75,000 votes from Boot readers, and is, according to the young star, the perfect launching pad for her career.

"This song really captures the last year of my life," Jennette explains. "I've been in Nashville writing for and recording my record and following my dream while really missing my family and friends back in Garden Grove, California."