Just a week after previewing his most recent song, "Hippie Radio," last Friday (Aug. 24), Eric Church has offered up another new teaser. This time, it's for the ninth track on his upcoming album, Desperate Man, and if "Hippie Radio" was an introspective look into Church's childhood musical origin story, then "Solid" is a gritty declaration of the roots that make up his foundation, keeping him strong and stable.

"You may think I'm way too chill / But I'll get it done, got my daddy's will / And I'll always, I'll always keep a promise," Church sings in the clip. "In a great big world, spinning around / People walking around on shaky ground / And my foundation's solid." The song is a testament to the power of inner strength, something that, in this instance, comes from having a "solid" family foundation to fall back upon.

Church has teased or outright released five songs in total from his upcoming album. In addition to "Solid" and "Hippie Radio," the country superstar has released the album's title track as a single and subsequently also shared another track, "Heart Like a Wheel." Church has also shared snippets of two more of the project's tracks, "Some of It" and "Hangin' Around."

Whether releasing a teaser or the full version of a new song, Church has remained committed to putting his fans first, sharing new music with his fan club, called the Church Choir, a day earlier than the general public. Paid fan club members will also receive Desperate Man in its entirety automatically when it is released on Oct. 5, 2018.

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