If the songs Eric Church has shared from his upcoming album Desperate Man are indicative of the full project, the record will be a trip back in time of sorts. On Friday (Aug. 17), Church revealed another retro-sounding, soul-filled track, "Heart Like a Wheel;" readers can press play above to watch the song's lyric video.

A quiet groove backs Church as he sings about a love that "don't make sense to the neighbors / Don't look good on paper / And sure don't make sense in my head" -- but, somehow, works. Chimes, harmony vocals and an electric guitar solo dot the melody.

"Ain't no map / Ain't no way / No lights on this long highway / But I know the way by heart / Bring on the dark / Honey, don't worry," Church sings. "Baby, I've got a heart like a wheel / Baby, let's go / Get in this heart like a wheel, and, baby, let's roll."

"Heart Like a Wheel" is the third song on Desperate Man, and the second full song Church has released from the project, following the new album's first single, its title track. Church has also shared snippets of the songs  "Some of It" and "Hangin' Around;" While the former is more calming and reflective, the latter -- like "Desperate Man" -- gives off '70s rock vibes.

In keeping with Church's commitment to giving his fan club, known as the Church Choir, his new music first, members were able to watch the "Heart Like a Wheel" lyric video a day earlier than the general public. Paid fan club members will automatically receive Desperate Man when it's released.

Desperate Man was produced by Jay Joyce. The record is due out on Oct. 5.

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