Eric Church has some of the most surprising, versatile and unexpected music videos.

They run the gamut from dry and hilarious to creepy and emotionally charged, but in them all, Church shines as a true entertainer, an accomplished musician and someone who isn't afraid to go a little off the beaten path. These are The Boot's picks for the Top 5 music videos of Church's career (so far).

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    With over 11 million views, the "Homeboy" music video is clearly a favorite among Church fans. It was filmed at the former Tennessee State Prison in Nashville, Tenn., and if the scenery looks familiar, it's the same location as Church's "Lightning" video. In the clip, a young boy is being chased by police officers, searched, booked and jailed, wearing the infamous orange jumpsuit. Eventually, he is granted freedom -- and the lyrics "come on home, boy" have never been more impactful.

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    "Two Pink Lines"

    "Two Pink Lines" is one of Church's lesser-known music videos, but those familiar with it know it's one of the most hilarious. After a rendezvous relationship between two young adults that are, as the song puts it, "barely legal," the woman is afraid she is pregnant. The video captures the worry, waiting and -- of course -- the well-known trek to the drugstore to grab a pee stick ... or two or three. The nervous boyfriend is pushed out of the car to purchase the test, and while he's at it, he grabs a fake diamond ring, just in case there's "two pink lines."

    Church shows up throughout the music video, helping the guy pick out a test, reassuring him and chuckling under his breath. Other women come in to purchase tests: one ecstatic couple, a harried-looking mom with two kids in tow, a classy businesswoman and a young woman with her friends. The three-and-a-half minute video depicts the agonizing wait -- and soon, the results of the test are clear on the couple's face. This music video was directed by Church's longtime collaborator Peter Zavadil and premiered in August 2006.

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    The "Creepin'" music video is, as the title suggests, pretty creepy. Church and his band are a crew of bandits who appear to be robbing a late 19th century freight, but in actuality, they're stopping the train, not robbing it. But just why are they stopping it? As the video plays out, it becomes clear that the main male character is being haunted by a ghost -- a female who is utterly relentless. And she's feeding the train coal, making it get crazier and more bizzare as time goes on.

    This music video is quite different from country's plethora of sleek, polished, ultra-modern music videos; it's dark, gritty, sweaty and highly entertaining. Plus, Church appears in the video without his trademark aviators, giving fans a good look at his chocolate-brown eyes -- always a good thing.

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    We love this video for its authenticity and relatability. At the beginning, a girl is asked what the "perfect guy" would be for her. Ultimately, she decides, it's somebody who loves her for her. After her short monologue, the video shows several scenes of the girl and her boyfriend, featuring the highs and lows their relationship goes through: Laughing together with the car top down, being involved in a bar fight, playing on a swing-set, kissing under the stars and frustration all play out very similar to any romantic relationship.

    The "Springsteen" video was shot in a neighborhood in Murfreesboro, Tenn., and also features neighborhood kids and Church and his band playing in a home's garage. The video was nominated for Music Video of the Year at the 2012 CMA Awards.

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    "Cold One"

    "Cold One" is refreshing, casting Church in a light most fans have never seen him in. In the music video, the singer plays a beer delivery man, with his band members acting as workers and patrons of a dive bar. In the clip, Church and his guys play in the walk-in cooler and, fittingly, in a beer warehouse. The rocker plays along with the theme with a sly and dry sort of humor: He pans across the camera on a motorized cart, shoots viewers lots of deadpan looks ... and has a ball doing it. Church is as relaxed as we've ever seen him in this video, and we wouldn't mind him delivering some cold ones to our homes.

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