Cody Jinks is kicking off his Rounder Records label debut with the first single from his upcoming release, Lifers, "Must Be the Whiskey." Press play above to check out the new track for yourself.

The song is a reflection about how when a relationship takes a turn for the worse. Especially when substance abuse or another complicating factor is in play, the situation can culminate in an internal debate about whether or not the love two people shared was ever even real to begin with. Throughout the song, Jinks poignantly sings about his strained relationship, not only with the woman but also with the bottle: "I've been drinkin' to remember and drinkin' to forget / I got 'I love you' on my mind, I got Jim Beam on my breath," he sings. "And loneliness has got the rest, I've got nothin' left within me / It must be the whiskey." 

The Fort Worth native's popularity has skyrocketed over the past couple of years: Jinks' independent record sales have totaled 225,000 over the course of his discography and 68,000 sales of I'm Not the Devil alone. He performed a two-night, sold-out stint at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn., in October of 2017, and also recently announced his inaugural Loud and Heavy Fest, which is set to take place in August in Fort Worth, Texas and will feature Jinks alongside approximately 10 other acts.

Lifers will be released on July 27, but "Must Be the Whiskey" is available for download on iTunes now. More information about Jinks can be found on his official website.

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