Brett Eldredge has debuted the music video for his latest single "Wanna Be That Song." The clip is a "what if?" look at Eldredge's life -- if Eldredge wasn't a country star and was, instead, a baseball star in the 1940s.

For the "Wanna Be That Song" clip, Eldredge picked a place near and dear to his Illinois heart: Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. The clip opens with a young man and woman sitting in the stands together, sharing a loving moment. As country star Eldredge walks through Wrigley's tunnels and sings on the field in present day, baseball star Eldredge hits a homerun and rounds the bases as life highlights play out.

"I chose Wrigley Field because I grew up going to games there, and I've been a die-hard Cubs fan from the day I was born," Eldredge says in a press release. "I've got childhood pictures from when I was still in diapers in a Cubs uniform. I love Wrigley Field; it's such a magical place."

Filming at Wrigley, Eldredge tells People, was "one of the most amazing experiences of my career so far."

"I felt like I won the lottery because I was just running around there like it was my home -- and that's what it's always felt like anyway -- but we were playing like a bunch of kids out on the field. I actually did go up to the plate, and I really did hit that ball in the video!" Eldredge recalls. "I remember being in the dugout thinking, 'Wow, all my heroes sat here and played the game.'"

Fans at a Cubs game versus the St. Louis Cardinals on Tuesday night (June 21) got a first look at the "Wanna Be That Song" video. At the game, Eldredge threw out the first pitch and led the crowd in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch.

“Wanna Be That Song” is the fourth track on Eldredge’s newest album, Illinois. The singer co-wrote the tune with Scooter Carusoe, with whom he also penned “Mean to Me,” Eldredge’s second of five consecutive No. 1s. “Wanna Be That Song” is available on iTunes now.

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