Brett Eldredge has a lot to live up to with his next single: The song is following a string of five consecutive No. 1 songs. On Monday (May 9), Eldredge revealed that he'll be looking to make that six consecutive No. 1 songs with "Wanna Be That Song."

"Wanna Be That Song" is the fourth track on Eldredge's newest album, Illinois. The singer co-wrote the tune with Scooter Carusoe, with whom he also penned "Mean to Me," Eldredge's second of those five consecutive No. 1s.

“I wanna be that song that gets you high / Makes you dance, makes you fall / That melody rewinds years / 
Ones disappear, makes time stall," Eldredge sings during the song's chorus. "Wanna be those words that fill you up / Roll your windows down and keeps you young / Makes you believe you’re right where you belong / I wanna be that song ..."

Of "Wanna Be That Song," Eldredge says, "I am passionate about every song I put out, but this is the story I've been dying to tell more than any other."

"Wanna Be That Song" will officially impact country radio on May 23; the song is currently available via iTunes. This summer, Eldredge will be joining Keith Urban on the road; more information about the singer can be found on his website.

Listen to Brett Eldredge, "Wanna Be That Song":

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