Brett Eldredge could be the next Chuck Woolery. Remember "Love Connection," the dating series Woolery hosted? Brett hosted sort of a dating show of his own called "Take Me Home Tonight." Through a link on his website, Brett accepted submissions from people looking for love, then set up two of his fans on a blind date with the hopes, he says, "that they'll fall deeply in love and get married some day." But first, the singer put the romantic hopefuls through their paces, pushing each couple out of their comfort zone and getting them to participate in such things as wine tasting and pole dancing.

Not that Brett himself tried everything that the potential lovebirds did. "I'm so glad I didn't have to pole dance," he acknowledges. "I'm so uncoordinated. If I had to pole dance that would be very awkward."

As far as the "Don't Ya" singer himself is concerned, he's hoping his matchmaking skills will work in his favor and that he'll one day find his own perfect match.

"When it comes to dating, especially with music, there's always somebody out there for you that gets you," the singer explains. "I'm definitely open to one day meeting somebody who loves music and loves being out there and traveling. There's always a match for you out there and hopefully I'll find it and hopefully you find it too."

Although Brett reveals that the first matchmaking session didn't make a love connection, he notes, "Hopefully I can help you find it if I continue my matchmaking. I think everybody has somebody for them and they're out there waiting for you somewhere."

That's true, Brett. Just ask Chuck Woolery. He's been married four times.