Some buy flowers to show their appreciation, others a round of drinks, but newcomer Brett Eldredge shocked his tourmate Brad Paisley with a surprising (and funny) gift of another kind.

Brett was asked to take part in a few dates of Brad's H2O II: Wetter & Wilder summer tour, a kind gesture that the 'It Ain't Gotta Be Love' singer felt should be repaid. He noticed while touring alongside Brad that the country superstar's go-to ride, besides a huge tour bus, was a red Chevy Corvette. During Sunday's show in Columbus, Ohio, Brad stepped off the bus to hop in his favorite ride when he discovered a child-size, yellow Camaro with custom "Paisley" plates in its place.

"I want to trade my brand-new Camaro straight up for this guy's Corvette ... Any takers before he takes it?" Brett tweeted with a photo of the two cars parked together. (See the photo below.)

The toy car was quite a shock to Brad, but he laughed it off with congratulatory handshake and a smile.

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