Brent Cobb is ready to share new music this fall. The singer-songwriter's next album, Keep 'Em on They Toes, is due out on Oct. 2, via Ol' Buddy Records.

Cobb announced his new record by sharing the project's title track, one of 10 songs on the album. The bouncy, acoustic track advocates for going your own way and trusting your gut over the advice of others.

"The best thing you can do is don't listen too close / Walk on to your own beat / Keep 'em on they toes," sings Cobb, who says it's "a mantra that I live by [and] one that I hope anyone could live by."

Brent Cobb Keep Em on They Toes
Ol' Buddy Records

"If it’s good for your own heart, and you got a good heart, do it," the singer adds. "Do it whether folks see it coming or not."

Readers can press play above to hear "Keep 'Em on They Toes." The songs accompanying music video follows a couple from meeting to their breakup: the early conversations, the first kisses, the hangs with family and friends, the highs and, eventually, the lows.

In addition to "Keep 'Em on They Toes," Cobb has already shared "The World Is Ending" from his next album. Although that song feels timely, he actually wrote it back in 2011.

Keep 'Em on They Toes is available to pre-order and pre-save now. The project follows 2018's Providence Canyon, one of two projects Cobb released with Low Country Sound / Elektra Records.

Brent Cobb, Keep 'Em on They Toes Tracklist:

1. "Keep 'Em on They Toes"
2. "Shut Up and Sing"
3. "Good Times and Good Lovin'"
4. "Sometimes I'm a Clown"
5. "This Side of the River"
6. "Dust Under My Rug"
7. "Soapbox"
8. "When You Go"
9. "The World Is Ending"
10. "Little Stuff"

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