Blaine Larsen and his wife Sammi are the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy. Noble Blaine was born Friday (April 8), weighing in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces and is 21 inches long. Noble, who was born two days prior to the actual due date (April 10), joins big sister Zoe, who just turned three Thursday (April 7).

The 'How Do You Get That Lonely' singer kept his fans informed of all of the details, via his Twitter page. He even gave a shout-out to all women and the baby doctor, who happens to be named Dr. Chesney. "Huge props to all you women," Blaine writes. "There is no way I could deal with the pain of childbirth. My wife is a trooper!

"Doctors have a great gig for many reasons, the best of which is they get to wear pajamas all day at work," he continued.

The father of two was able to take his wife and newborn son home Sunday. He wrote, "He is the most chill baby," he wrote, adding with crossed fingers, "Hoping it lasts!"

Prior to Father's Day last year, The Boot asked Blaine what he feels is the best thing about being a dad. "My little girl, and it's the best thing when I get home and she runs over and gives me a hug and says 'Daddy, I love you,'" he said. "That's the best thing!"

The Washington native, who is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album, due out later this year, has a few weeks off to spending time with his budding family before he leaves to go back on the road. He's set to perform in Ocean Shores, Wash., April 28.

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