You might say Bill Anderson, Bob DiPiero and Clint Black have the luck of the Irish. The three singer-songwriters walked away unscathed after a traffic accident in Dublin, Ireland, Thursday (Feb. 23).

Bill, Bob and Clint are touring Ireland and England as part of the CMA Songwriter Series. They were traveling in a Gibson Guitars bus, on their way to a show in Dublin, when a passenger car rear-ended them.

"This accident happened when we were all on a Gibson bus, but it turned out to only be a Fender-bender, thank goodness!" jokes 'Whisperin'' Bill.

Though the accident delayed their show by a half hour, the musicians are just thankful that no one was injured and that damage to the bus was minimal.

This is the first time the popular CMA Songwriter Series has ventured overseas. The intimate shows began almost seven years ago at New York City's Joe's Pub, spearheaded by the Country Music Association with Bob DiPiero.

"When we began the series in 2005, I never dreamed it would include such an honor as being asked to perform in England and Ireland," says the 'Blue Clear Sky' songwriter. "These CMA Songwriter shows are one-of-a-kind performances by some of the very best songwriters and storytellers on the planet. I've never seen a more honest, authentic, entertaining musical performance anywhere. When I get to perform with icons such as Bill Anderson and Clint Black, I feel like a fan with the best seat in the house."

Watch Clint Black's 'Spend My Time' Video

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