So far in 2015, country stars have revealed a slew of music videos. Some have been side-splittingly funny, others have been sensual, a few have been simple and pointed, and a handful have been achingly honest, even to the point of being raw and heart-wrenching.

Topics like domestic violence, turmoil in marriages, cancer, death in combat and superheroes, as well as a lesson in how to be glamorously sassy, are all on display in The Boot's picks for the Top 5 country music videos of 2015 (so far).

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    "Little Red Wagon"

    Miranda Lambert

    Few singers are as saucy as Lambert, and her "Little Red Wagon" video features the singer in all of her platinum glory. As she's said before, the song is simply sassy -- a state of mind, not necessarily something with a whole lot of metaphorical meaning. The music video follows suit extremely well: Lambert puts her best glittery cowboy boot forward and embodies sass in big sunglasses, a retro bathing suit and a whole lot of sparkle. It's fun, entertaining and, most of all, endlessly re-watchable.

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    "One Hell of an Amen"

    Brantley Gilbert

    Gilbert shows depth in the music video for "One Hell of an Amen," and fans appreciated it. The song was inspired by real experiences Gilbert had: He lost a friend, Kory, to cancer and saw a friend lose a loved one, Jonathan E. Lootens, in combat. Both of these storylines are prevalent in Gilbert's personal "One Hell of an Amen" video, and at the very end, it reads: “In honor of Jon and Kory, and all those who have fought the good fight.”

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    "Little Toy Guns"

    Carrie Underwood

    Many fans connected with Underwood's "Little Toy Guns" when it dropped, specifically because everyone can relate to conflict, especially between parents. The song's heart-wrenching video cuts between a husband and wife screaming at one another and a little girl, who is wishing that she was anywhere but there. While it's a hard video to watch at times, Underwood is able to offer a message of hope toward the end of the video.

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    "Crushin' It"

    Brad Paisley

    We haven't seen a music video as creative as Paisley's "Crushin' It" in a long time. The singer shows off his artistic side with this clip, which was created, drawn and animated all by himself (Pixar had better watch out!). Keeping in line with Paisley's past videos, the "Crushin' It" clip is laugh-out-loud funny, spotlighting several country music stars (Paisley, Keith UrbanLuke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Little Big Town and more) as superheroes. We'd give him an Academy Award for this one!

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    "Take Your Time"

    Sam Hunt

    Hunt's "Take Your Time" music video is certainly the most heavy-hitting country music video of 2015 thus far. The clip was a completely unexpected treatment for this song, but once you see it, you'll agree that it's completely fitting, as Hunt tackles the big, dark, devastating -- and entirely too real -- issue of domestic violence. The footage is raw and serious and, unlike a lot of country music videos today, doesn't try to capitalize on a flirty romance or scantily-clad females. Instead, it states the truth: Domestic violence needs to end.