Brantley Gilbert has released the video for his new single, 'One Hell of an Amen.' The powerful song is the third single from his No. 1 'Just as I Am' album, which was released last year.

With lines like, "Preacher said he died too young / Over there, totin' that gun / For Uncle Sam and our freedom ... Yeah, he went out 21 guns blazin' / An' that's one hell of an amen / That's the only way to go," Gilbert says a personal connection compelled him to write the tune.

"A friend of mine from back home came to me and told me the story of losing his best friend in Kirkuk, Iraq," Gilbert reveals on the Bobby Bones Show. "He really told me the story in a light where I felt like I was there. I try not to write about anything I haven't been through or been really close to. I ended up getting to meet the guy's sister and learn more about him.

"I always said I was a supporter of the military, but I went over and did the USO tour, and I think that had a lot to do with inspiring some of that," he continues. "Especially that story is just close to my heart. I really wanted to raise attention to our military and that ultimate sacrifice, that we do get to be free and do our jobs."

The 30-year-old says that while the song is still climbing the charts, he's amazed at how many people have latched on to the song's message.

“Our supporters come up to me and say, you know, ‘This song helped me get through Iraq,’ or, ‘This song motivated me to go get my girl back,’ or, ‘[This song] helped me cope with the loss of a family member or close friend,’” Gilbert says. ”That’s what really makes all this worth it, if you think about it.”

Gilbert will hit the road later this year to serve as the opening act for Kenny Chesney's 2015 Big Revival Tour. See all of Gilbert's upcoming shows here, and download 'One Hell of an Amen' here.

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