As if we need another reason to love Sam Hunt even more, the singer-songwriter has released his music video for "Take Your Time," and it's one of the most powerful videos in the music industry -- country or not -- today.

After listening to the lyrics of "Take Your Time," many were probably expecting a video about a guy trying to meet a girl at a bar. Instead, the clip goes outside of the norm and into something dark, intense and raw. There are no sexy outfits, tailgating parties or lighthearted flirtation in the "Take Your Time" music video; it's unapologetically a serious and impactful visual that tackles a big issue: domestic violence.

Directed by Tim Mattia, the clip sheds light on the serious subject while also offering a gripping storyline.

"I want Sam to surprise people with this video and its darker, grittier edge," says Mattia -- and he certainly accomplishes that goal in a big way.

In the video, Hunt witnesses fighting between a man and his wife, and it's clear that that it's not just a small argument; it's fighting that turns into abuse. As the video continues, Hunt realizes that the woman is planning her escape, trying to get away from the fists that bruise her and desiring safety for her child (who presumably is the abuser's child, too).

As she runs out of the house and tries to drive away in a truck, she is unsuccessful; her husband realizes what is happening and batters her around in a scene that is jarring and incredibly hard to watch. Hunt appears and dives into the fight, allowing the woman and her innocent child to escape while he takes a few blows from the instigator.

Hunt isn't just our hero for coming to her rescue -- his boldness in creating this video shows the Georgia native's sensitivity to heartbreaking realities like domestic abuse, and his willingness to step outside of the norm truly shines. Even if you aren't a fan of the R&B-influenced singer's music, you've got to like him after watching this video.

Hunt is currently up for ACM New Artist of the Year, along with Thomas Rhett and Cole Swindell. He's on the tail end of his 2015 Lipstick Graffiti Tour, to promote his debut album Montevallo.

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