The wait is over. Carrie Underwood revealed the music video for 'Little Toy Guns' on Friday (Jan. 30).

The song is an emotive and heartbreaking tune about a little girl trapped in the tumultuous situation of her parents' constant angry fighting, and the video gives a visual to the tough place a young child finds herself in when both parents are pitted against one another.

The clip begins with a shot of a husband and wife fighting in the hallway, right outside their little girl's bedroom.

"I want you to be here. I want you to help me. I am doing everything, literally everything," the mother screams. "You don't care about me, you don't care about her. What do you have to say for yourself? ... It makes me sick to my stomach. I can't believe I married you."

As the husband interjects, asking to be heard, the video pans to the little girl, eyes wide and sitting perfectly still in her walk-in closet, the "heart-shaped locket" that the lyrics refer to hanging around her neck.

She closes her eyes and shakes her head, and the music begins. The little girl is then shown standing in the woods, screaming and holding her hands over her ears, clearly distraught. A face appears in the sky -- it's her mother, who suddenly understands how hard their fighting is on the child.

The scenes cut between the parents fighting and the forest. Underwood is shown throughout, emotion written all over her face as she belts out the lyrics. Soon, the girl and her mother stumble upon the father, tied to a tree with branches. He is clearly not doing well, and his daughter untangles him, grabs his hand and brings him to safety in a hut made of sticks and branches.

As the daughter brings her parents' hands together, they look in one another's eyes, both realizing how deeply their words are cutting, faces etched with regret. The video cuts back to her bedroom, and they're all in the same position, her parents clutching one another's hands as their little girl looks serene and relieved.

'Little Toy Guns' is Underwood's second single from her ‘Greatest Hits: Decade #1′ album, following 'Something in the Water.' She released a teaser for the video Thursday (Jan. 29).

"I’ve seen it firsthand from different people in my life and seen how the tumultuous parental relationship between each other can affect a child,” Underwood says. “So that’s kind of what it’s about, but it’s a really tempo-driven song as well, so it’s kind of a bit of a juxtaposition as far as the story content and the music.”

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