Ashley McBryde is out for revenge in her new song "Martha Divine." The peppy, rocking track finds the singer going after a cheater. Readers can press play above to listen, and see the song's music video.

McBryde wrote "Martha Divine" with Jeremy Spillman, who, the singer tells NPR, "wasn't afraid to get weird with me." The titular Martha Divine is cheating with the song's protagonist's father, and that's not sitting well -- like, really not well.

"I've got this feelin' / And I've got this shovel / Between me and you and it, you're in a little trouble," McBryde begins, before laying out her murderous plans in the chorus: "Jezebel, you're bound for hell / But evidently the devil's busy, so I moved you up in line.

"I told [Jeremy] I wanted to write something dark," McBryde explains, "and we created this story that surrounds the most delightful trollop of a human being and gets down underneath the fingernails of the uncomfortable truth about family dynamics."

"Martha Divine" is accompanied by a music video, directed by Reid Long, that brings the song's story to life. ("I was certain no one would let me shoot a video that actually reflected the lyrics, but Reid Long helped me bring it to life in a way that only he could," McBryde admits.) The second in a series that began with McBryde's "One Night Standards" music video, the clip finds McBryde as an accomplice to a motel room murder.

"One Night Standards" and "Martha Divine" come from an as-yet-unnamed, forthcoming sophomore album from McBryde. The artist dropped her major-label debut in 2018 to massive critical acclaim, and was named New Artist of the Year at the 2019 CMA Awards.

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