In her newest single, "One Night Standards," Ashley McBryde lays out the ground rules for a hook-up with a short-term lover. She doesn't want anything complicated, the singer explains in the song, and she doesn't want any pretense of long-term potential. In the song's music video, though, things get a little more complicated when a hook-up goes down in a seedy motel.

In the clip, McBryde plays the role of the motel desk clerk dolling out keys to the people that come by for some questionable lat- night activity. After checking in a few couples, McBryde recognizes one of the men as a friend's dad. Unfortunately, he is checking in with someone he shouldn't be.

McBryde, being a good friend, helps her pal out and gives her a call. You'll have to watch the video to see what happens next, but here's a hint: It ends in a messy confrontation, a dead body and a tricky situation for McBryde and her friend. As the singer helps her pal shove the evidence into the trunk of a car, she flips the motel's sign to "No Vacancy," and the video closes out with the words "to be continued."

McBryde co-wrote "One Night Standards" with Nicolette Hayford and Shane McAnally. Rock-minded country producer Jay Joyce (Eric ChurchMiranda Lambert) worked his magic on a recording that reaches its crescendo with a short but sweet guitar solo.

"One Night Standards" is the first single from an as-yet-unnamed forthcoming sophomore album. McBryde dropped her major-label debut in 2018 to massive critical acclaim, and was named New Artist of the Year at the 2019 CMA Awards. The new song also lends its name to McBryde's headlining 2020 One Night Standards Tour, which kicks off in late January.

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