The Doobie Brothers are preparing for the release of 'Southbound,' their country tribute album, which includes a collaboration with the Zac Brown Band on their 1974 tune 'Black Water.'

The song, inspired by a trip to New Orleans, went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in March of 1975, and Zac Brown says it was "a big honor" to record the track with the band.

"Doobie Brothers are one of my favorites of all time," Brown says. "Getting to do 'Black Water' with them is really, really cool. It's a big honor to get to record one of their songs with them and to play along on their tracks."

The video above shows the band adding their signature harmonies to instantly recognizable a capella sections of 'Black Water.'

"I hope that everyone enjoys our input," Brown says. "It was really a lot of fun to record it. To get to record and to do things with the legends and with the people that are musical heroes, that's the biggest honor as an artist."

Adds David Huff, the album's producer, “The Doobie Brothers are such an important band in the history of music. The hits transcend time, so with this new collection, we are just adding modern production and collaborations with the country stars.”

'Southbound' is set for release on Nov. 4 and is currently available for preorder here. All advance orders will instantly receive a digital copy of 'Black Water.'