William Michael Morgan has released the next single from his freshman album, Vinyland it happens to be the record's title track. Readers can press play below to listen to "Vinyl," a mellow tune that hearkens back to the traditional country sound that Morgan is so adept at capturing.

The lyrics of "Vinyl," penned by Carson Chamberlain, Ashley Gorley and Wade Kirby, are as romantic as its gentle melody: "If our love was a song, girl / I'd play it all night long, girl / I'd tell you what I'd put it on, girl / I'd put it on vinyl," Morgan sings in one verse. The chorus further crafts the analogy of romance as a vinyl record.

"What we got is a little old fashioned / Baby, you're an instant classic / They don't make 'em no more like you," Morgan sings. "So let the needle drop and play it all night / Might have a little static, but it's all right / Ain't nothin’ gonna stop this groove.

"Vinyl" will officially impact country radio on Oct. 2, nearly a year to the day since the release of Morgan's album of the same name. In that time, the artist has enjoyed the success of a No. 1 hit, "I Met a Girl," and released the fan-favorite single "Missing."

"Vinyl" is available for download. A list of all of Morgan's upcoming concerts is available on his website.

Listen to William Michael Morgan, "Vinyl":

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