At first blush, it doesn't make sense for country music and New York City to work. But Whitney Lockert makes it happen.

A stalwart veteran of the New York country scene (such as it was) in the 2010s, Lockert returned home to California a few years ago. His upcoming album, Long Way to California (out July 15) aims to make sense of Lockert's time in the Big Apple, and re-adjusting to West Coast living. Lockert's ballad, "Girl On a Train," creates a more perfect union of both aspects of his life.

"Girl On a Train" is replete with woozy, warm steel guitar. Lockert might be singing about a meet-cute on a Brooklyn subway platform, but the song feels intimate and sun-faded like a classic country song.

In the video, Lockert finds himself in a mysterious movie theater, watching clips of classic Hollywood and horror B-movies, evoking the strange characters one encounters on the subway. Like a subway ride after a long night of yearning, the movie lulls Lockert to sleep. Let "Girl On a Train" take you into its warm embrace, and you, too, can capture the magic and isolation of New York City in a country song.

Watch the official video for "Girl On a Train" below:

You can learn more about Whitney Lockert's music and find information on upcoming tour dates by visiting his official website.

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