Vince Gill hit the Ryman Auditorium stage Wednesday (Feb. 22) to perform as part of a luncheon at Nashville's annual Country Radio Seminar (CRS), hosted by his longtime record company, Universal Music Group. Before singing 'The Red Words,' the country music icon made the surprising announcement that, after more than two decades with his label, he would no longer be on their artist roster.

"For the first time in 30 years, I don't have a record deal. Don't know that I want one," he shared with the audience of radio deejays and executives from across the country (quote via CMTT). "I'm just grateful for where I've been, and you've been a big part of where I've been and where I'm going. To my MCA family, it was really a sweet ride the last 23 years, and I appreciate everything you do."

The 54-year-old just released his tenth and final album for MCA, 'Guitar Slinger.' The first single from the project, 'Threaten Me With Heaven,' earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Country Song, even though the tune failed to break the Top 40. But Vince insists he isn't disappointed by the lack of airplay his songs have received in recent years.

"There's no artist that this didn't happen to," notes the Country Music Hall of Famer. "Not one. Well, maybe George Strait ... Anyway, people like different things. My grandfather said, 'If people all liked the same thing, everybody would be hitting on your grandma!'"

Vince may not have a record label, but he will continue to perform all across the country. His upcoming dates include stops in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, as well as a performance at the Grand Ole Opry tonight (February 24). Keep track of his performance schedule here.

Watch Vince Perform Live in Our Studio

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