Tyler Farr is treating fans to a true-blue country work anthem with the release of his latest song, "Love By the Moon." Readers can press play above to hear the full track.

"Love By the Moon" is all about putting in the work during the day to be able to kick back and enjoy your love's company during the night. There is major power behind Farr as he sings about punching out from work and picking up his honey. 

"Live by the sun / Love by the moon," Farr sings, lending his gravelly, passionate voice to the song, in homage to a day in the life of a blue-collar country boy. "Pick up your girl when the work is through / Light up the night 'til the sky turns blue / Live by the sun / Love by the moon." 

The track marks Farr's first release since he put out "I Should Go to Church Sometime" last May. That song comes from Farr's forthcoming third album, which is being produced by Jason Aldean. When he dropped "I Should Go to Church Sometime," Farr admitted that his recent marriage has caused him to slow down and switch up his style a little bit.

"Most of my songs, obviously, have been about walking into a bar, whiskey in my water, redneck crazy. So this is a little different," Farr told The Boot, "and I wanted to change it up. I got married last fall ... it slows things down, and this song is a little different and kinda hits on a different note than I have before."

While "Love By the Moon" continues in the vein of loyalty towards a lasting relationship, Farr brings plenty of his trademark edge into his performance on this track. "Love By the Moon" is available for purchase now, though there is not a release date set for Farr's third album.

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