Tyler Farr isn't hesitant to admit that his recent marriage has caused him to slow down and switch up his style a little bit. His reflective recent single "I Should Go to Church Sometime" is one of the results.

"Most of my songs, obviously, have been about walking into a bar, whiskey in my water, redneck crazy. So this is a little different," Farr told The Boot during Cheyenne Frontier Days, "and I wanted to change it up. I got married last fall ... it slows things down, and this song is a little different and kinda hits on a different note than I have before."

Farr also tells The Boot that "I Should Go to Church Sometime" is a turn for him, from pure entertainment to conveying a message for the benefit of others: He remembers realizing "You know what, I can be doing a lot more for other people than service myself" after hearing the song in a pitch.

Fan responses on social media indicate that Farr hit that nail on the head. Farr says "I Should Go to Church Sometime" has received plenty of great compliments; there's one, though, that particularly moved him.

"A lady tweeted about going, about -- she broke down crying in a parking lot," Farr recalls.

In a Twitter video back in mid-July, the artist compiled some of those messages as a thank you note of sorts.

Brinley Addington, Michael Hardy and Sarah Turner co-wrote "I Should Go to Church Sometime." The song comes from Farr's forthcoming new album, which is being produced by Jason Aldean.

Tyler Farr Discusses "I Should Go to Church Sometime"

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