Tyler Farr's has released a brand-new single, "I Should Go to Church Sometime." The song is bold and introspective, and is officially headed to country radio on May 15.

Brinley Addington, Michael Hardy and Sarah Turner co-wrote "I Should Go to Church Sometime." The song starts quietly: Farr sings about passing by a homeless man on the street without stopping to help and seeing a news story about a town mourning the teenage victim of a car accident. He reflects about how he's always at mass on Easter and Christmas, but could probably stand to "wipe that dust off my Bible more than once or twice a year."

By the chorus, though, "I Should Go to Church" builds to rocking guitars, pounding drums and background vocals from a gospel choir. Farr, meanwhile, gets to use that classical voice training his mom enrolled him in as a kid.

Tyler Farr Discusses "I Should Go to Church Sometime"

"I should go to church sometime / Maybe walk a little straighter line / Lord knows I could use some light / To get where I'm goin'," Farr sings in the song's chorus. "I'm shouldn't say, 'Next Sunday' / I shouldn't let my pride get in the way / I know I shouldn't be afraid / Of what I know I'll find / I should go to church sometime."

"I Should Go to Church Sometime" comes from Farr's forthcoming new album, which is being produced by Jason Aldean. Farr most recently released a single, "Our Town," in September.

This summer, Farr will star in a new reality TV show, A Little Too Farr.

Listen to Tyler Farr, "I Should Go to Church Sometime":

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