Tyler Farr has released a brand-new single, "Our Town." The song will be impacting country radio on Sept. 26.

Prior to releasing "Our Town," which readers can listen to below, Farr teased the new tune on Twitter, sharing short clips from the song and videos of him getting ready for its premiere. And in a note he posted Friday morning (Sept. 16), Farr reveals how thankful he is for the support of his fans.

"Thank you for all your support through the good and the bad. Y'all are amazing!" Farr writes in the note. "It's been a while, but here comes my new single, "Our Town." Every time I made a record, I think of you and what y'all would like, and it never fails me. So I wanna say thank you, and I love all of you for making this possible. Y'all rock!"

"Our Town" is Farr's eighth single, and the first song that will give fans a taste of new music to come. The tune is upbeat and uplifting, praising the good values instilled through small-town living: "We were raised in the shadows of crosses and flags / When we pledge allegiance, we take off our hats / Here in our town / We say 'yes ma'am' and 'no ma'am' / We love, we don't hate / That world that's gone crazy, it don't have a place / Here in our town."

Farr is currently working on his third studio album, which is being produced by Jason Aldean. The two are also good friends, and Farr says that even though Aldean “dishes out quite a bit” of good-natured ribbing, the experience has been great.

“We’re pretty blunt with each other, and we’re both smart-you-know-whats, but we have fun with each other,” Farr says, “and that’s what makes country music special and really gets some good stuff in the studio.”

Listen to Tyler Farr, "Our Town":

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