In late April of 2017, Tyler Farr released "I Should Go to Church Sometime," from a forthcoming new album, which is being produced by Jason Aldean. The bold and introspective song, written by Brinley Addington, Michael Hardy and Sarah Turner, finds Farr reflecting about how he’s always at mass on Easter and Christmas, but could probably stand to “wipe that dust off my Bible more than once or twice a year.”

Below, Farr talks with The Boot about how he found "I Should Go to Church Sometime" and chose to record it.

I'm a songwriter first and foremost -- I had a publishing deal before I was an artist -- so I love listening to songs. Most of them I don't even write; I just like listening to great music. I'll hear a song [and I'm like], "Send that to me -- I want to hear it!" So I'll drive around in my truck and listen to songs.

I'll take a lot of pitch meeting, and -- even though I'm a writer myself, that's why I respect songwriters and songwriting so much -- and I was in a pitch meeting and heard "I Should Go to Church Sometime," and it spoke to me. That's kind of how I go about picking my songs ... if it speaks to me, then it's going to speak to other people, too.

I like to try to cut stuff that's real and stuff that people can relate to, and this song is pretty much about conviction and making yourself better the next day than you were today, and saying, "You know what, I can be doing a lot more for other people than service myself," and that's the basis of it.

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Tyler Farr Opens Up About "I Should Go to Church Sometime"

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