There is nothing safe for work about Trey Lewis' viral country song describing a woman and her many lovers across America. "D--ked Down in Dallas" rides a contemporary country-rock beat to the point that you might think it's got Top 40 radio potential ... until you get to the chorus.

The lyrics to Lewis' "D--ked Down in Dallas" (available at tell a familiar breakup story at first: "I bet she didn't think twice about Amarillo / Hell, Denver all but once crossed her mind / She's flyin' down 40 like a bat outta hell for Memphis / She left me all alone in Montgomery tonight," Lewis sings. Credit Brent Gafford, Drew Trosclair and Matt McKinney for the work there; Alex Maxwell and Grady Saxman are the production team.

But, here's the chorus, with help from Emojipedia

DDID Chorus3

The song first began to appear on social media about a month ago, with Lewis himself teasing the full version on his own Twitter account soon after. "D--ked Down in Dallas" officially dropped on Tuesday (Dec. 1) and has amassed more than one million streams on YouTube and Spotify in just two days.

Most interesting is how people are using it on TikTok: It has become a theme for sports fans whose teams were beat by Dallas sports teams, and a way to embarrass your parents.

Upon its release, "D--ked Down in Dallas" shot to the top of the iTunes rolling sales chart quickly. The hook of the song is extremely catchy, and the lyrics are wildly entertaining if you aren't afraid of some bawdy and even obscene humor.

Wheeler Walker Jr. comes to mind when listening to this Lewis song, but the rest of his catalog on Spotify shows that he's mostly a serious country singer, not a comedian stunting as one. He's also not totally making fun of country music, a la "Parked By the Lake" by Dean Summerwind.

Credit Lewis' production team for the A-plus job and for truly going for it with an emphatic key change to ring in the final chorus. There's nothing safe for work about "D--ked Down in Dallas," but there's nothing second rate about it, either.

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