Some artists wait two years, four years or sometimes even decades between albums, choosing to space out their musical offerings ... but not Grammy-winning country artist Tim McGraw. Although he just released Sundown Heaven Town a little over a year ago, he's raring to go with new tunes.

However, despite the short time gap between records, the singer says that he won't be releasing a project that's too similar to Sundown Heaven Town.

"I think music is always a progression — it kind of shows where you’ve gone, where you’re at and where you’re going. And that’s what I try to do with my music," McGraw explains. "Art reflects life, life reflects art — you know the old saying. And that’s certainly true when you’re making music, just about as much as anything.

"Music sort of puts you in a place in time," he adds. "All I try to do is get better in the studio and get better as an artist, get better as a communicator and try to please myself as much as anything.”

The following is a roundup of all of the information known so far about McGraw's upcoming 14th studio album.

The Title

The new album will be named Damn Country Music, after its fourth song.

The Release Date

Damn Country Music is set to impact on Nov. 6, 2015. It can be pre-ordered on now.

The Record Label

This album is McGraw's sophomore record with Big Machine Label Group. He signed with the label in 2012, after a very public battle with his former label, Curb Records.

The Cover

McGraw was sly in revealing the cover for this album, sharing two hints on social media before making the official announcement. The first hint came on Sept. 7: a photo of the date “11-6-15″ painted on a white background. A week later, the second clue appeared: The word "damn" had been added to that original background.

The full cover shows McGraw, in a T-shirt, jeans and cowboy hat, standing against the white background, with the album's title prominently painted onto the backdrop.

The Single

McGraw introduced Damn Country Music's first single, "Top of the World," in August, but he didn't just announce it in any regular ol' way. Nope, he went above and beyond, and the result was out of this world -- literally.

The country star beamed the tune to the astronauts aboard the International Space Station, and they responded via Twitter, saying, "You're on #TopOfTheWorld ... we orbit around it."

The song is a feel-good, sentimental offering, and the lyrics describe McGraw's love for his woman: “‘Cause when ya got love like we got love / I’m holding onto heaven, holding onto you / When you got one like I got one / Anywhere you’re looking, it’s a hell of a view,” McGraw sings in the chorus. “Don’t know where we’re gonna be / But I know we’re gonna be / Sittin’ on top of the world / So keep hanging on to me / Yeah, don’t you wanna be / Sittin’ on top of the world?”

The Songs

Damn Country Music will feature 11 tracks, with some interesting collaborators, including Big & Rich and -- perhaps the most exciting -- McGraw's oldest daughter, Gracie. His duet with his firstborn, titled "Here Tonight," kicks off the album.

The deluxe version of Damn Country Music has three additional songs.

While not much else is know about the songs on this upcoming disc, McGraw has revealed the premise of the title track, and he debuted the tune in a video in early October.

"When I recorded "Damn Country Music," it was one of those electric moments," McGraw says in a press release. "It speaks to a passion and being at a crossroads in your life when you make that decision to pursue it knowing you might pay a heavy price."

Tim McGraw, Damn Country Music Track Listing:

1. “Here Tonight” (ft. Gracie McGraw)
2. “Losin’ You”
3. “How I’ll Always Be”
4. “Damn Country Music”
5. “Love Runs”
6. “What You’re Lookin’ For”
7. “Top of the World”
8. “Don’t Make Me Feel at Home”
9. “Want You Back”
10. “California” (with Big & Rich)
11. “Humble and Kind”

Bonus Tracks:

1. “Everybody’s Lookin’”
2. “Kiss a Girl”
3. “Country and Western”

The Producers

Damn Country Music was produced by McGraw and longtime collaborator Byron Gallimore.

The Vibe

Fans can be sure that this record will be full of songs that struck a chord with McGraw -- and they weren't picked for merely being a possible radio hit.

“I think, as an artist, you have to go into the studio and try to reach the goals," he explains. "I think if you start chasing radio, if you start chasing what your fans want to hear — I think if you start chasing what you think is the end thing — it’s okay to include some of that stuff, but if you start chasing that as a home-base, I think you’re in trouble as an artist.”

The Tour

McGraw announced in early June of 2015 that he would be testing out his new songs on the fans who attended his 2015 Shotgun Rider Tour.

“[We'll] do some of the stuff that we’re working on and get that out early and let people sort of hear that and gauge the reaction to it," he said at the time.

However, after a successful summer, per doctor's orders, McGraw was placed on vocal rest and forced to cancel the final two shows of the trek.

“This is so disappointing to me. We’ve had such a great summer, and I was looking forward to this final weekend with the fans in California,” McGraw said in a statement when announcing the cancellations. “I appreciate the support and look forward to coming back soon. The word ‘can’t’ is just not in my DNA. If there was any way I could sing, I would do it.”

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