Thomas Rhett's newest single, "Sixteen," is a nostalgic look back -- and a reflection on the comfort with yourself that comes with age. Readers can press play above to listen.

"Sixteen," which is the third track on Rhett's 2017 album Life Changes, was written by the singer, Sean Douglas and Joe Spargur. The lyrics find Rhett wanting to always be just a few years older: He's 15 and learning to drive, but he wants to be 16 with a license. Then, he gets those wheels and that freedom, but he's longing to be 18. At 18, he's "old enough to smoke" and "old enough to vote," but he's ready to be 21.

"They say the grass is always greener / And I believe that's right," Rhett sings ... but by the final verse, he's not entirely convinced that's true anymore.

"Now I'm 25 and I'm drinkin' wine with my wife at home / Got a couple dogs and a couple songs on the radio," Rhett says. "And we sit around and we laugh about how we used to be / When all we cared about was turning 16."

"Sixteen" fits right in with the rest of Rhett's Life Changes album. He says the project, overall, is "very nostalgic-feeling."

“There’s a lot of songs that feel very nostalgic and, lyric-wise, talk a lot about being in high school and college, and how I got to this point in life," he explains. "And [there’s] a lot of songs about how life has drastically changed over the last few years."

"Sixteen" is Rhett's fifth single from Life Changes. "Craving You," "Unforgettable," "Marry Me" and "Life Changes" have all hit No. 1 on the charts.

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