John Rich is headed back to reality television this summer. The 'Celebrity Apprentice' winner will join Queen Latifah and Gloria Estefan as a mentor on the new competition series, 'The Star Next Door,' according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The show will air on the CW network, with additional mentors to be announced at a later date. It will feature the celebrity musicians traveling from town to town looking for aspiring singers to represent their hometowns in the big Los Angeles competition. Unlike on 'American Idol' and similar shows, 'The Star Next Door' contestants will reportedly have to be from the city in which they're trying out.

"This is a TOTALLY new angle for music shows! (That's why I did it!)" John tweeted. "I think you'll dig it."

There's no word yet on whether or not something will be at stake for the celebrities as well, like it is for John's country brother, Blake Shelton, on 'The Voice.' The 'Drink On It' singer earned bragging rights after the show's first season, having worked with the runner-up, Dia Frampton, on his team.

No matter what the involvement, John's likely going to find less pressure than during his time with "The Donald."

"On 'Apprentice,' you're in front of 12 million people a week and you have maniacs around you that are pushing your buttons and causing situations to happen that at the end of the day could get me fired," he told The Boot after winning. "If we lose a task and they sit there and try to pin something on me and now I'm out of the game and I don't get to raise any more money for St. Jude, well, those are fighting words. The balance is how do you fight and compete at a really high level without disrespecting anybody or losing your cool ... In real life, you don't have to worry about that."

For now, John is on the road as one part of Big & Rich. Their next stop is Saturday (March 10) in Detroit, Mich. Get a full list of concert dates here.

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