The Judds are back -- and heading to Las Vegas. The mother-and-daughter duo, made up of Naomi and Wynonna Judd, have announced a nine-show residency, Girls Night Out, at the Venetian.

The Judds' residency is scheduled to kick off on Oct. 7 and run through Oct. 24. Its name is a nod to their 1985 No. 1 hit.

"It's a look back, a look present and a look forward," Wynonna Judd tells People. "We're going to talk a lot about our story. We have a great sense of humor, and the show's about laughter and celebration as well as music."

Adds Naomi Judd, "This show is for the fans that I have missed every single day since leaving the stage. It will be the thrill of my life to join Wynonna on stage again in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world."

The mother and daughter are already hard at work, planning both the show's setlist and their many costume changes.

"My mom is wacky and wonderful and has her own sense of humor," Wynonna Judd shares. "Back in the early days, I was like, 'Mother! Don't say that!' I was very concerned about our image back then. But now's the time to, as my son says, chill out! I'm just going to really enjoy her and be in the moment.

"She's ready to start practicing every twirl," Wynonna Judd adds. "Get ready for the costume changes and the tiara."

The Judds retired in 1991, after Naomi Judd was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Following the elder Judd's retirement, Wynonna Judd embarked on a solo career. They reunited first in 2000, for the Power to Change Tour, and again in 2010, for what was dubbed their final tour, the Last Encore Tour.

“Every night, it was sort of surreal,” Naomi Judd recalls to The Boot. "'What year is this? Is this our first year?' Then, when you step off the stage, that it’s the last time you’ll ever perform in [a particular area] ... I can’t even start to wrap my mind around [that] fact."

Tickets for the Judds' Girls Night Out residency will go on sale on Aug. 28 through the Venetian box office.

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