The Cadillac Three are ensuring that they've got all their party essentials in "All the Makin's of a Saturday Night," from a stockpile of frosty beer to a pretty girl to share the evening with. Press play above to listen to the new tune!

The Southern rockers pair weekend-ready lyrics with an equally fun, danceable beat in the new track, creating a perfect soundtrack for kicking back -- or even taking in a little college football. Per a press release, ESPN and ABC will feature the new tune during broadcasts beginning Aug. 24 and continuing throughout the 2019 college football season. For the Cadillac Three, the pairing of music and sports couldn't be a more natural fit.

"We're all big college football fans, and being from the South, have a special affinity for those in the SEC," drummer Neil Mason explains. "So it's pretty bada-- that a song wrote is going to amp up excitement for fans each Saturday night, whether they're rocking out with us or if we're their playlist for the weekend."

Mason and group frontman Jaren Johnston co-wrote the track with songwriter and frequent collaborator Josh Dunne. The band rounds out the song with vibes piloted by guitarist Kelby Ray.

"All the Makin's of a Saturday Night" follows "Crackin' Cold Ones With the Boys," which the band released in April, along with a video detailing some of their most memorable on-the-road hijinks.

"We spent a lot of time from tour bus to stage with each other, so we're constantly creating," says Johnston. "Hell, we even recorded our last album, Legacy, on the bus! Our life happens on the road whether it's family or a rowdy crew, memories and music are made."

The Cadillac Three recently unveiled plans for a West Coast leg of their Country Fuzz Tour kicking off in LA on Nov. 1. For details, visit the band's website.

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