The Cadillac Three specialize in grungy, Southern rock. The three members of the group -- Jaren Johnston, Kelby Ray and Neil Mason -- are known for their hard-partying songs, gritty vocals and fun, fast instrument work.

Since their major-label debut in 2013, the Cadillac Three have released three albums with Big Machine Records. This countdown of the trio's Top 5 tunes spans from their first disc to more recent work. Scroll on to see The Boot's picks!

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    "Drunk Like You"

    From 'Bury Me in My Boots' (2016)

    “Drunk Like You” is a solid addition to the “songs comparing being drunk to falling in love” oeuvre. While it’s easy to fall into cliche, “Drunk Like You” manages to stand out because of its convincingly boozy instrumentals and Johnston’s gravelly delivery of lines like “Nothing gets me drunk like you / Even whiskey can’t do / What you do when you kiss me that way.

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    "Party Like You"

    From 'Bury Me in My Boots' (2016)

    If there's one thing to say about “Party Like You," it's that it's appropriately named. From its opening notes, the single is a pure party; fueled by hand claps and a driving drum beat, it’s high energy from beginning to end. The chorus is a race to find out which can go faster: the banjo or the lyrics. “Party Like You” made it to No. 48 on the Billboard charts.

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    "Days of Gold"

    From 'The Cadillac Three' (2013)

    Country music fans might better know “Days of Gold” as a Jake Owen song: The Johnston- and Mason-penned tune was released as the title track of Owen’s fourth album and was a minor hit. But the Cadillac Three recorded their own version of the song before that, as part of their self-titled debut album. No matter which version you prefer, though, it’s a testament to the Cadillac Three’s songwriting that the frenzied, high-energy ode to summer is super-fun to listen to, no matter who's singing it.

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    "White Lightning"

    From 'Bury Me in My Boots' (2016)

    “White Lightning” is the Cadillac Three’s second-best performing song to date (after our No. 1 pick below) ... and that could because, on it, the Cadillac Three guys show their softer side, a rarity. “White Lightning” is a stripped-down, mid-tempo love song; it opens on vocals alone, no instrumentation. The tune is a perfect slow dance soundtrack, bolstered by Johnston’s soaring vocals.

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    "The South"

    From 'The Cadillac Three' (2013)

    With “The South,” the Cadillac Three announced their arrival in a big way. The gritty, grungy ode to the “Southern man” slowly turns into a high-spirited romp. The band even brought in some famous friends to join them on their debut single: The song features guest vocals from Dierks Bentley, Florida Georgia Line and the Eli Young Band’s Mike Eli, earning a nomination for the ACM's Vocal Event of the Year award.

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