With a tour schedule that keeps them moving from town to town the majority of the year, the Band Perry, sister Kimberly and brothers Neil and Reid, have remained close, not only in proximity, as necessitated by tour bus travel, but as a trio of siblings with a shared dream. One result of their dream come true can be found on the country charts, as the threesome has the reigning No. 1 album, the recently-released Pioneer. But instead of covered wagon, they're traveling by motorcoach.

"Our own bunks is always a good plan," Kimberly jokes with The Boot of the basic requirements when it comes to their bus. "It's amazing, it seems like a small space but you can actually find your different areas to get away. We have a front lounge and a back lounge, so sometimes the boys'll be watching TV up front and I'll just kind of tiptoe to the back and watch a little 'Say Yes to the Dress' or some girly show."

"You've got your stuff in there, you've got your pillow in there, so that's where I usually go and just close the curtain and read," adds Neil.

Although they're family (or perhaps because they are), Reid notes their closeness can sometimes cause one or more of them to act out.

"For the most part," he says, "we will act our current ages, but sometimes we revert back to the 12-year-old selves. But depending on how long you're out on the road, you may start pushing buttons just for entertainment, just to have a little fun.

"That's Reid's favorite game," says his sister, with no argument from Reid.

On the subject of games, The Boot asked the siblings to answer questions about each other, which reveals more about just how close they are. Here's how they answered:

Who takes the longest to get ready?

Reid: Neil.

Kimberly: Not because he has more to do, but because of his pace.

Reid: Yeah he's so slow.

Neil: I'll accept it.

Who makes the rules for the three of you?

Kimberly: Ooh. I think we each make our own rules.

Neil: Each of us do, yeah.

Reid: Yeah. And then try and enforce them on the others.

Kimberly: It is a true democracy, except for when each of us has our own opinions and that's when the firecrackers start. That's always fun.