Superstar country trio The Band Perry tackles new territory on their sophomore album, Pioneer, while also staying true to their country music roots. That was a balance that siblings Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry took their time crafting, in order to make the album that has fans' and critics' mouths watering.

"A lot of times you think of pioneers and think of covered wagons and bonnets, or astronauts on moons," Reid Perry tells The Boot. "But for us, it means going out into the unknown and knowing you have somewhere to go and that you're barreling towards it, but not necessarily knowing the path that you're gonna take. It's all about putting one foot in front of the other. Pioneer really became a lifeline for the three of us."

When the Band Perry visited our AOL Sessions studio, they gave us a sample of the complexity of Pioneer, which showcases their uncanny ability to evoke emotion through lyrics, as well as aggression through melodies. Click here to watch them perform three songs from the album -- "DONE," "Forever Mine Nevermind" and the chart-topping "Better Dig Two" -- along with two huge hits from their debut album, "You Lie" and "If I Die Young." And watch our exclusive behind-the-scenes video from The Band Perry's Sessions below, as the three talk touring, post-show rituals and their sweet must-haves on the tour bus.

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