Big things are brewing in all aspects of Kimberly Perry's life. After releasing her new EP, Bloom, on Friday (June 9), she's getting right back to work in the studio, with plans to expand the EP into a full album in the fall.

"We're recording the back half of that in June," Perry tells Taste of Country.

But new music isn't the only thing on Perry's calendar for this year. She and her husband Johnny Costello are also preparing to welcome their first baby, a boy, in late August. Perry says her pregnancy and her creative process have worked hand in hand, with her soon-to-be mom status impacting music-making in some key ways.

"Definitely my songwriting," she says. "I just got to wrap up a couple days at a lake house camp with [co-writers] Parker Welling and Casey Brown, and it's just a really interesting thing to write lyrics in real time about the things that becoming a mom means to me."

Pregnancy is also the catalyst for a lot of introspection.

"It's also made me observe things in my life, like, 'What space have I made for this?'" Perry continues.

"I really wanna speak about how I made that space, and how I'm gonna keep that space as we grow our family from here," she continues. "It's really just been an amazing experience...the EP, I was writing it in real time last year, when there were so many integral relationships in my life that were changing as I wrote that first half in real time. And then the second half in real time. It's gonna be quite the journey, as a project, when the pieces come together."

The singer is also figuring out the logistics of just what it will mean to have an infant to take care of, as well as new music to tour and promote.

"I am asking all of my artist friends who have babies what the modern technology of a bus crib looks like, like, 'How can we make this happen?'" she says with a laugh. "We're gonna for sure have a bus baby. And I married 100 percent the right man. He is gonna be the best baby daddy.

"2024 is a hefty touring year, and I am so down for it," Perry continues. "[The baby] comes in August. We're gonna lay low for the holidays, get the band road ready, and then hit the road [at the] top of the year."

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