The Band Perry Tour Dates Mean Close Quarters, Closer Siblings
With a tour schedule that keeps them moving from town to town the majority of the year, the Band Perry, sister Kimberly and brothers Neil and Reid, have remained close, not only in proximity, as necessitated by tour bus travel, but as a trio of siblings with a shared dream. One result of their dream come true can be found on the country charts, as the threesome has the reigning No. 1 album, the re
2013 ACM Awards: Men of Country Dominate Star-Studded Lineup
LAS VEGAS (AP) - More than a few people have suggested to the producers of the Academy of Country Music Awards that they extend the broadcast delay for Sunday night's show - just in case. With Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan co-hosting, everyone expects the unexpected - and several off-color, unscripted moments - as country music's biggest cut-ups collide on stage...
The Band Perry, ‘Behind the Sessions’ – Exclusive Video
Superstar country trio The Band Perry tackles new territory on their sophomore album, Pioneer, while also staying true to their country music roots. That was a balance that siblings Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry took their time crafting, in order to make the album that has fans' and critics' mouths watering...

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