Before they were the multi-platinum-selling Band Perry, Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry were, of course, family. But with nearly 15 years of traveling as a family band, their pursuit of the country music dream has encompassed half the siblings' young lives. Now, with their second album, Pioneer, poised for a big debut on the Billboard charts this week, they're able to look back at the best lessons they've learned and to offer some of the same wisdom imparted to them to other young country music hopefuls.

"The first bit of advice we were given just in general is to be an entertainer," Reid Perry tells The Boot. "Because you're not just a singer, you're there to give people a good time. Then, also, to play anywhere and everywhere you can because you'll learn something. I remember we played many humble gigs where there were more people on stage than out in the audience!"

"Emphasis on many," adds Kimberly. "Many humble gigs."

"We've learned to mess up on stage and not look like we're messing up," Reid continues.

"It's almost like you have to have that time to train and be able to handle anything thrown your way. But I'll tell you, perseverance has been our best friend," Kimberly notes. "All three of us were really young when we got started but we just never quit. And you know there were some dark moments ... that we felt like how can we put one foot in front of the other and keep going? But we always supported each other and had family and friend's support to encourage us. So I just say 'sticktoitiveness.'"

Brother Neil's best bit of advice: "Sing in front of people like you sing in the shower."

Pioneer was released April 2. The trio's second single from the album, "DONE." is rapidly climbing the charts.

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