Tenille Townes has dropped a driving new tune, "White Horse." The unexpected love song is an energetic ode to romance that looks a little different than you plan.

Readers can press play above to hear "White Horse." Written by Townes along with Daniel Tashian and Jeremy Spillman, the song captures Townes' unique sound and style with a whimsical theme. The first verse describes the fairytale the singer has been waiting on: "Yeah, the way that I saw it / My true love would come calling / And toss some pebbles at the windows of my ivory tower ..." Townes sings, leading into a pounding chorus, resplendent with hand claps and an echoed refrain.

"I've been waiting on a white horse / To take me away on a sunset ride / But you showed up on a dark horse / At the Cinderella midnight, just in time," she reflects. "Maybe not the way I was dreaming of / But you rode in and won my love / Now I'm finally on the right horse / Who needs a white horse?"

"This lyric talks about how love can look different than society may expect it to," Townes says of the song. "Our culture can put a lot of pressure on the 'white horse', fairytale idea of love, and I think it's important to be openhearted to however it may come around."

"White Horse" is the second song from Townes, following "Somebody's Daughter," and is available for download now. The singer is currently on the road, supporting Dierks Bentley on his 2019 Burning Man Tour.

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