Foster & Lloyd Already Enjoying ‘Tomorrow’ Today
Radney Foster and Bill Lloyd, collectively known as Foster & Lloyd, stormed the country charts beginning in 1987 with four Top 10 hits, including 'Crazy Over You,' 'What Do You Want From Me This Time' and 'Sure Thing.' Their sound, hailed by critics and embraced by neo-traditional country fans, was a kinetic mixture of the Everly Brothers and Buck Owens, with splashes of the Beatles and other
Top Country Albums of 2010
2010 was an extraordinary year for country music, as seasoned performers reinvented themselves in ways we never thought possible and previously untapped talent exploded onto the scene. After hours of debating, The Boot presents our top 10 country albums of 2010 -- not just the biggest sellers or radio pleasers but the albums that we believe made the biggest mark on this first year of the decade...
Keith Urban Convinces Nicole Kidman to Hank-Up the Radio
If you were to fall in love with a world renowned, Oscar-winning actress, the most important thing on your mind would be whether or not she liked country music, right? Well, it was for Keith Urban, who fell for now-wife Nicole Kidman even though she wasn't familiarized with his lifeblood, country music...
Radney Foster Has an ‘In’ With Nicole Kidman
Getty Images Radney Foster is enjoying another ride up the charts, thanks to Keith Urban's latest Top 5 hit, 'I'm In.' And according to Radney, he has Keith's own leading lady, Nicole Kidman, to thank for getting the song cut. "She did that movie in the Outback and they made up these compilation CDs while they were driving," Radney tells The Boot...

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