Foster & Lloyd, comprised of award-winning songwriters Radney Foster and Bill Lloyd, enjoyed a successful run as an act on RCA Records in the late '80s, scoring five Top 20 singles before disbanding to pursue other interests in 1990. Now, 21 years later, the two men have reunited to write and record a new album, 'It's Already Tomorrow,' and they both agree that they're sounding even better the second time around.

"Years back, we would be able to get inside each other's heads pretty easily when we wrote," Radney explains on their website. "I think it kind of amazed both of us this time around how quickly we were able to get that back again."

Still, 'It's Already Tomorrow' promises a few marked differences from their previous albums. It's "a little more mature with our lyrics as writing is concerned," Radney notes. "It still sounds to me similar to what we were doing live 25 years ago. It's a lot of fun."

Both men have enjoyed widely successful careers on their own, both as solo artists and songwriters. But it's when they collaborate they feel they are at their best. "When Radney and I get together, it's hard to tell where one thing ends and one thing begins," Bill maintains. "You may think the more country sounding stuff would be him, but sometimes it's me. You'd think a certain guitar lick would be mine, but sometimes it's his. There's also a 'third thing' that happens when we work together that's different from each of our solo writing and recordings."

'It's Already Tomorrow,' which includes the guest vocals of Beth Nielsen Chapman on one of its tracks, hits shelves on May 17, with the digital release already available. Foster & Lloyd are on the road supporting the new album, and their schedule includes a Grand Ole Opry appearance on June 25. Keep track of their upcoming dates here.