It's been a tough couple of days for Radney Foster. The singer-songwriter had 10 of his guitars, along with a custom Del Rio amp, stolen from a storage unit in Nashville. Six instruments and the amp have been recovered, with leads on two more, thanks to the internet.

“Radney put his guitars in a storage unit, so that they would be locked up (and climate controlled) after his studio flooded [in 2010],” explains his manager, Tamara Saviano (quote via “It was inside a facility that needed an access code, and the thief must have seen him loading, because he busted the door jam enough to get the door open with the lock still on.”

News spread quickly when the 'Nobody Wins' singer first shared the information on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Foster posted pictures of each of the missing guitars, along with serial numbers and any pertinent information, and the music community got to work trying to find the stolen items.

The first guitar, the J-45, was located when someone in Texas saw the information and sent a text to fellow songwriter Jon Randall, who quickly checked a local pawn shop and found the guitar.

The photo above shows the two still-missing guitars. They are a 1977 Martin D-28 acoustic, serial number 395100, and a 1988 Gibson black J-30 acoustic with RCA Nashville logo headstock. If found, contact local police.

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